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Default The Old Marine Bar Haunted!

Even though it is no longer a bar; now an art studio with apts. and business
suites, it still must be haunted. Years ago a friend of mine lived in one of the apartments
above the bar.

On three occasions, in the early morning hours he ran into the spirit of a woman
in her thirties while using the community bathroom. He said the first time he saw her
he thought she was just one of neighbors or an over night visitor. The next two times
he saw her she was less solid, more transparent.

He said it creeped the hell out of him and was glad to finally move out of there.

In my research as a writer I discovered that there used to be a waitress that
lived there by the name of Lucy Hartwell. She worked at the bar down below, and
committed suicide there in her room one night back in 1952.

I now see that they have opened a coofee shop next to the art studio.

Maybe Lucy can now go back to work!
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