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Default Agree with "Spooked"

My husband and I just returned from a visit to West Palm Beach and toured the Flagler Museum while we were there. We had heard it was a beautiful piece of history from West Palm Beach not to be missed, so we walked over (we were staying at the Breakers Hotel) and took a self guided tour on Wednesday, May 21st 2014. We toured the entire first floor using the self guided audio phone, then started the rest of the tour which was upstairs. As I walked up the stair case to the second floor, I felt myself getting so weak and light headed that I thought I might pass out when I reached the top. This is very unusual for me as I am a runner and in good physical condition. I made myself walk over to the history room and tried to collect myself. As my husband and I toured the bedrooms along the front of the house, I told him I was not feeling well at all and that it happened when I climbed the stairs to the second floor. He said the exact same thing happened to him (he is a runner as well and in good physical condition). It was then I figured someone was not pleased about our being there, as it was a really heavy weak feeling and not at all pleasant. We decided to finish upstairs rather quickly and head back outside to see if we felt better. A short walk later to a nearby bistro we tried to eat a little lunch to settle our queasiness. That really did not help so we went back to the Breakers, got into our bathing suits, got a drink at the outside bar and went to the beach. By dinner time it was going away, but whatever the presence in the Flagler House was to make us feel so disgusting likely was not very happy to have us tour the home! I definitely would not go back, as it is not worth feeling sick for half a day!
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